Subcontracting Selection Approach

We believe that the adequate selection of our sub trades in any project is very crucial to the successful delivery of this project. Therefore, KCL has adopted deferent approaches and methodologies in order to develop and maintain an appropriate list of sub-trades who posses an excellent record of completing projects to the highest construction standards. The following is a summary of KCL’s approach to procuring sub-trades.

KCL’s Work Experience with the Subcontractor

KCL has long established relationships with many sub-trades in all construction disciplines. Over the years, we have qualified these firms to meet in order to meet the expected quality standards. Our company maintains a list of successful sub-trades that have participated with us in delivering excellent quality projects that exceeded our client’s expectations. These firms have proven regularly that they are dependable and reliable in all aspects of construction.

Pre-qualification of Sub-trades

Our company is continuously seeking and receiving applications from sub-trades to be added to our pre-qualified list in order to further enhances and strengthen our ability to deliver excellenceon time and on budget. We utilize a wide variety of pre-qualification criteria, which was recommended to us bymany owners and architects as well as cited in many construction research findings. The fo!iowing is a partial list of these pre-qualificatio criteria:

Post Project Evaluation

At KCL, we apply the above criteria to all sub-trades who participated in our team in delivering any of our projects. This approach ensures the continuous enhancement of our sub-trades list.

Owner and Architect Preferred Subcontractors

Our company works cooperatively with consultants, architects and owners to select subcontractors. Very often, KCL receives recommendations from its clients to utilize a particular sub-trade or a supplier that have a good record with the client. KCL always considers these recommendations seriously since they have a very positive impact on the success of all projects.

Own Trades/Forces

We perform certain tasks utilizing our own trades and our own equipment. The combination of our in-house trades such as the Carpenters, General Laborers and Masons with sub-trades helps filling some of the contractual gapes and avoid nay potential delays and expedites construction delivery.

  • Experience in institutional and school projects.
  • Proven Health and Safety records, especially in occupied facilities.
  • Reasonable in quoting changes to the contract as requested by the Architect or the Owner.
  • Adhering to the schedule as established by the client.
  • Financial strength.
  • Complying with Fair Wage Policies or union jurisdictions when required.
  • Cooperative relationships in responding to client’s priorities.
  • Quality of the final product and workmanship.
  • Completion of deficiencies upon contract closeout.
  • Response to warrantee calls.
  • Promptness in paper flow and submittals.
  • Managerial and supervision capabilities as well as project management expertise.